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a mother’s love - photography by Peter Hasselbom

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If you believe in yourself anything is possible.

The snail

This photoset made me so happy. You go, lil snail.

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//cats & boxes

are you fuckin kiddin me

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i am at work for 5 hours feeling like i’m getting nothing done

I never want to think about Greek philosophers again

lets go to hawaii now

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i forgot what i was doing

saw a gif of this but i can’t remember where i saw it fff if anyone knows, please tell me!

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Black Bat flower!


This ornamental flowering plant is among the showiest of the Tacca chantrieri  plant family (part of the yam family).  Common names are Black Bat Flower, Bat Head Lily, Devil Flower, Cat’s Whiskers and Tacca chantrieni.

Originally the Black Bat flower plant grew and still does grow wild in the tropical forests of Yunnan Province, in South China. Even prior to blooming, it resembles sleeping bats hanging downward from their roost.

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Andrew Lincoln
↳ Stuff, things: The Walking Dead color analysis

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Two-Faced Chick and Two-Headed Calf

Two-faced (diprospus) and two-headed (dicephalic) animals may look similar, but they’re different on the most fundamental of levels. Two-headed animals are simply conjoined twins that stopped separating very early in the process. They generally have two fully-formed cephalic regions, though sometimes one head is much less responsive than the other.

Two-faced animals, on the other hand, have a mutation in the Sonic Hedgehog (yes, it looks like a hedgehog and was named after Sonic) homologue gene. This gene regulates the symmetry and width of the head and facial features, and when the gene is mutated in a way that causes too much of the correlating proteins to be produced, diprospus animals are formed. As this gene is also responsible for brain and upper neural tube development, it’s uncommon for diprospus creatures or humans to live very long after birth.

When the SHH gene doesn’t create enough of its proteins, cyclopia (one-eyed, one-nosed) occurs.

Watch Emily and Anna dissect a two-faced calf on The Brain Scoop!


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